Fuel distributor and warm up regulator reconditioning 

Another service that we are now promoting that we have provided for years. Please ring to discuss any problems you are having with your car and we can see how we can help

996 turbo engine rebuild

Big horsepower build with only a few modifications (in the big scheme of mine builds) these can make monstrous reliable horsepower.

964 full engine rebuild

Nearly complete and looking very nice indeed if I do say so myself.

3.2 top end engine rebuild

Nearly complete. Looking good now and ready to rumble. A simple misfire was unfortunately sticking piston rings which caused little to no compression on 1 cylinder.  Always a shame to fit the engine back in the car when it looks this nice

996 gt3 rs

A lovely example in a small collection we see sometimes. Here we fitted some ultra lightweight carbon bucket seats, smaller canards and oe harnesses and extinguisher