Oulton park

During a wet qualifying we battled throughout to grab pole position.  Even wetter conditions for the race, before the first bend we dropped to 5th.  After a great battle and excellent pitstop we managed to win the 80s future classics race! A great end to our season

944 s2 camshaft and chain check

Over the years we have regeared and supplied many camshafts for the 16 valve 944s and 968s. This example fortunately has perfect cans and chain. So piece of mind until the next major service.

The club autosport great 924 race

We returned to donington to support a series that we started with Jeff may in the late 80s early 90s. A impressive turnout of nearly 20 cars battled in the dry 1st race and monsoon like 2nd race.

935/ singer conversion

This 935 look race car from America is now getting a singer inspired body conversion and many other mods to make it road legal in the uk

Donington park

After qualifying 4th the race had some great battles before the Morgan set on fire stopping the race after 28 minutes of the scheduled 40 minutes. We were declared the winners of the race and interviewed.  Before the celebrations could start they decided to run the last 10 minutes later in the day making it a two part race! Unfortunately the heavens opened and we dropped from 1st to 3rd place in the 2nd part of the race.