Singer Style

We have a wide range of Singer Style Panels and Accessories to offer. We manufacture the lightweight panels which we supply in house. They fit all 911 models from 1969 up to and including *with slightly more work* the 993. We supply everything from the body panels, wheels. Upgrades for the engine or engine swaps to more powerful motors.  Gearbox, brakes, suspension, interior and exterior modifications are all available. We offer full car builds or everything a competent DIY owner or garage from around the worlds needs to build a singer style car. This is our most expensive backdate range but the finished cars command more money when sold. And also have more road presence than almost any other 911 on the road.

Carbon and kevlar are also available at extra costs.

All Carbon fibre panels are white or black gel coat finish, which is paintable. Our carbon fibre is made for strength not looks.

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