Porsche 911 Singer Style Finished Car

Porsche 911 Singer Style Finished Car



Porsche 911 Singer style finished car.

We have converted many, many Porsches to different looks over the years. Using our in house made panels since the early 80s.  Making cars look older or newer, depending on what the latest trend is. Or what the customer wants to create.

One of the most popular conversions at the moment, is the singer style conversion. There is obviously a lot more work involved than a simple bumper change. But the end result, is the look of a singer vehicle design car that is normally out of most peoples price range. But is achievable for a fraction of the cost with our panels, wheels, parts etc.  And if you do come to sell the car. They command a premium over other simpler 911 conversions due to its presence on the road

From start to finish, from a bare shell or driving donor car, we can build upwards to the finished article.

We can convert any 911 from 1969 when the long wheel base cars were introduced. Up to and including the 993.  The 993 is more work as the flitches are a different height.  But is only two to three days more labour.

The light grey carwith orange graphics is a 79sc, we converted to singer style. We started with a rolling shell through to a driving car. We fitted a modified 964 rs engine, G50 gearbox, 964 turbo brakes and coilover suspension. The dark grey car is a 74 we built from a wreck of a racecar from america that had stood for 16 years.  It is fitted with a big power single turbo, twin plug engine. The green car is a car built using all of our parts that lives in holland.

For more pics of conversions on other cars please see our gallery on the website or email us at club_autosport@outlook.com for more pics.

Our complete conversion package is also available mail order we ship worldwide. Including body panels, Optional centre fuel fill kits. Oil coolers including cooling fans. Exhaust systems. Wheels. Lighting including headlights, rear lights, spot/fog lights. Bodyseals. Chromework including door handles, window frames, mirrors the list is endless. The green car and targa were both built using all of our parts to create stunning cars in the netherlands and france.

At Club Autosport we also offer bespoke upgrades for the rest of the car.  Suspension, brakes, engine and transmission as well as interior are all a option to create your dream car

We manufacture and stock a large range of panels for most Porsche models. We also stock new and used parts for most models

Porsche specialists with over 40 years experience we can carry out Restorations, Repairs, Rebuilds, Servicing and more.

Please contact us for more information and prices.