Porsche Magnus Walker Fifteen 52 Style Wheels

£2,850.00 exc. VAT

Porsche Magnus Walker Fifteen 52 Style Wheels


Porsche Magnus Walker Fifteen 52 Style Wheels.

The wheels are no longer available from 1552, but we are able to get them manufactured in Europe.

Magnus Walker wheels made to order. Manufacturing time usually 6-8 weeks. The factory shut due to covid last year for nearly 3 months, so currently due to the backlog manufacturing time is 12-16 weeks. Hopefully this becomes less time in the future.

Available in any size width or offset to suit any body width. Each wheel has a billet centre. Available in any colour scheme including raw look clear anodised aluminium, but popular in the bronze or gold with black details.

Price is per set of 4 wheels. 15, 16 or 17 ” sets are £2,850.00, 18 inch £3,195.00 and 19 inch £3,695.00 All prices are plus vat if in the UK, no vat for export orders.

A 3 piece split rim that looks like a one piece wheel.

A popular backdate part especially from the outlaw seen.

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