Porsche 928 Strosek Style Front Bumper

£300.00 exc. VAT

Porsche 928 Strosek Front Bumper



Porsche 928 Strosek Style Front Bumper. Fits to standard S4 or later cars, can fit pre S4 models with modification to front wings.

Offers slightly better cooling due to the larger opening in the front and two brake duct holes that can alternatively be used to house spot/fog lights.

As used on our race car in the pictures, the car is a original strosek bodied car that we have owned since 1998. Due to the class regulations we run to, we can now only run the front bumper. The rest must be standard porsche look in this race series. But we do supply the sills, front headlights, rear spoiler and mirrors from the strosek style range.

Carbon Fibre available at extra cost.

We manufacture and stock a large range of panels for most Porsche models. We also stock new and used parts.

Porsche specialists with over 40 years experience. We can carry out Restorations, Repairs, Rebuilds, Servicing and more.


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